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с 1963 года

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In 2013, CANEPLEX-MICHALAKIS is celebrating 50 years in business, since Michael Michalakis founded the company. It is the only company that for 50 years produces cane fences made of biennial reeds (two years in root), a truly traditional Greek product, exported to 6 countries.

Canes, which are exclusively ARUNDO DONAX (a hydrophilic and not aquatic plant), are harvested solely in January and February, when the juices of the plant are frozen and are located at the root.

Canes are transferred at our premises, located in Palea Manolada, Ilia Prefecture, and are placed at a vertical position for at least two months, in order to expel their juices in a natural way. Then follows the removal of the leaves and cutting into specific sizes.

The biennial cane has spent two years attached to its root, which means it has acquired a tough exterior and nature has created a kind of glazing. During that time it also acquires the actual yellow color of the cane.

Since 85% of moisture has been expelled, there is no shrinkage after placing the canes on the constructions, which would create gaps between the canes. At the same time it allows the same maintenance used also for wood.

The hardening of the outer surface makes it extremely difficult for any type of insect (moths, woodworms, etc.) to infect it. At the warehouses where we store our canes, we conduct monthly preventive fumigation.


The life cycle of biennial cane used in construction is double compared to any other kind of cane.

Celebrating 50 years since the first harvesting (winter of 1963) and because several types of “cane fences” circulate in the market, our company has decided to change the packaging of its products. So, from now one, the original “CANEPLEX” cane fences will be packaged in a plastic strap, bearing the logo and the indication: biennial cropped cane.

In this way customers will know that ONLY the cane fencing in the specific packaging is manufactured by CANEPLEX-MICHALAKIS.