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  • The cane we use belongs to the ΑRUNDO DONAX family. It is the only type in the family that is hydrophile but not aquatic.
  • The life cycle of cane at its root is three years at the most if it is not cut. In the first year of its life it reaches its full height and diameter (internal and external). During its second year it hardens, that is it matures. A cane that has been cultivated for two years means that it has been left planted for two years before being cut. That is, it dried naturally while still planted. On the other hand, a cane that has been cultivated for one year is the cane that is cut in its first year of life.
  • Harvesting takes place only in January and February. Then the cane is relevantly frozen, without juices, and thus it can stand the following process, but it is also at is most resilient point to external constructions.
  • Following a request, we can deliver canes from a one-year cultivation; this is a cheaper solution but it is not recommended, as it is of a lesser strength.
  • MICHALAKIS – CANE PLEX is the ONLY company in the field that offers two-year cane. The specific cane is more resilient, it does not shrink during drying (which means larger gaps in cane fencing), and it can be preserved just like wood in constructions.
  • An advantage of the great importance concerning the two – years cultivation of the cane in contrast to the one – year, is that with the same preservation done in wood it becomes quite impossible to be infected by any kind of pests. These pests cause suffering to the wood constructions and the prevention of this means long lasting of the construction.