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Caneplex – Michalakis


The company MICHALAKIS – CANE PLEX was founded in 1963 by Michail Michalakis, with headquarters in Manolada, Ileia, and its object to date is the construction of shading mats from split or whole canes, with exports as its main target.

In about 1976 disposal also began on the Greek market, to hotel companies, camp-sites, professional areas, but also private constructions. Generally, where there is a need for protection from the sun or the wind, but also for decorative needs.

It is the only vertically organised unit in its field, with its own plantations, either privately owned or with long-term leases from the state, of a total area of about 45 hectares.

River waters are used for irrigation without depleting underground reserves. To strengthen the plantations and maximise production, no fertilizers or chemicals are used, except cane remains following processing (leaves and useless pieces, in compost form).

Respect towards the environment

There is true respect towards the environment by the company and its staff, as this is what offers the raw material.